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  • Hello everyone,


    We just started using v6.3 (SS2005) and we modified the underlying relational database and made a few cube changes as well.  We migrated the PAS database and for a while everything appeared to be working as anticipated.  We did get a few errors when opening pages about data being changed and we either fixed these pages or displayed the page without the data, etc.


    On a couple of published books within our PAS database, when we run any page in the book using Professional we don't get anything back.  The hour glass indicates that it is running, but the Analysis Server shows no change in the memory or CPU.


    We tried changing the first page in the book, but when we attempt to modify the book it will not let us.  We can get to the cube using the 'My Views' option first and then retrieve the book, but no data shows when a page is executed from the retrieved book.  We can see the pages in the book using the 'Manage Books' option. 


    When we attempt to modify the book using the 'Manage Books' dialog window we get the message: "Unable to publish book: XML document must have a top level element".  I tried to find this error out on the web and did not find any hits.


    We found today that we could go into the cube via book.  While the hour glass is 'clocking', we could go to the menu and click on the 'Show Briefing Book' option (when it is not already displayed).  This shows the pages in the Briefing Book panel.  We then 'Hide' the Briefing Book panel and click on 'Show Briefing Book' option again, the pages display and if we execute any of the pages they work fine.  Again, if we add pages or modify the book via the 'Organize Book' dialog, when we go to save the book we get the above error.  What we can do however is add the view to 'My Views' and then ultimately open a new book, add the view to the new book and publish the new book.


    Essentially, it appears that some of our books are corrupted and we were hoping for a faster alternative to correct the problem than running each page individually, adding them to 'My Views' and running them a second time and adding them to a new book.


    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.  




    P.S.  Thanks to everyone in the community that answers these questions; we really appreciate it! 

    Tuesday, November 11, 2008 5:37 PM


  • The actual problem here was resolved by installing the hotfix packet 'PAS63Hotfix2214.exe'.  Our resolution was achieved by going through the 'HELP' menu in the Professional mode, then reviewing the events logged under the 'Event Log' menu option.  We found an event which was logged as an issue in one of the other threads on this site and that led to the recommendation to install the aforementioned hotfix.  That event related to the MDStore record. 


    As it turns out the Published Books were not corrupted.  After installing the hotfix, all of the existing pages were returning results and not 'hanging' anymore.  In addition to that, new pages could be added to My Views which prior to the hotfix was not possible for some users.


    Once again, this forum came to the rescue.

    Thursday, November 13, 2008 2:27 PM