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    We've had a discussion board in SharePoint 2007 since October 2010.  There are over 1800 topics in this list. 

    We've had 2 events where a user logs into Citrix to check their email and when they log out a bunch of old posts are responded to with a message that is a duplicate of the original post.  The first time this happened this "duplicate response" occured on 44 posts.  11 days later it happens again with another user, but with only 16 posts.  The footer on the alert emails have a field for "Archvie Date:" that has the date of the incident but we don't have any software that archvies anything. 

    Some background information.  We have a very simple sharepoint implementation.  Nearly everything is out of the box save for some small rating and count down web parts here and there.  There are no timer jobs setup to archive anything. 

    I've tried to reproduce this on my own and cannot make it happen again.  I've also searched the internet for weeks now and cannot find any similar instances.  Does anyone have any idea where I can start looking?


    Monday, August 20, 2012 11:27 PM