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  • Hi all.

    We have DPM 2016 UR7 on server 2016.

    We configurated PG fo 1TB fileshare for 64 days (1 backup per day).

    Now we add 2nd volume in DPM and i want move PG to it.

    I try do it by migrate volume via console, but it's too long (less than 100Gb for 2 days, and daily backup job don't make).

    I deleted protected group without deleted replica, change disk letter on protected server and try create new PG, but after creating DPM start consolidation inactive replica.

    How i can create new PG for share on second volume with safe inactive replica on 1st for 64 days or migrate faster/with creation daily backup?

    We have single tape recorder, if it can help.

    Friday, June 21, 2019 2:36 AM

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  • Hello,

    Unfortunately you can't choose to which volume the PG will be stored at.

    The "Move backup storage" may take some time, this depends on how much data, it also depends on the disk read & write speeds, so if you have slow disks it might take more time.

    When you start the "Move backup storage", DPM starts copying the data from the source (disk read), to the destination (disk write).

    You can try performing the same steps with PowerShell, but I think it will still take the same time to perform, you can refer to Charbel's blog post over here:

    How To Move Backup Storage in DPM 2016 Modern Backup Storage

    Best regards,

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    Sunday, June 23, 2019 7:39 PM
  • Hi,

    there is no acceptable solution for your problem.
    You can use faster storage but it will still take a very long time.

    Migrating storage / replicas when using MBS really is a pain.
    The way DPM was spanning backups over volumes in 2012R2 was way smarter.

    If you have a Tape or VTL you could just delete disk backups.

    Otherwise I would would go for WSB for a temporary backup of your server and then recreate the replica.



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    Wednesday, June 26, 2019 1:44 PM