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  • Hi,
    I have the following questions in Performance point Dashboard designer, creating scorecard and charts seems to be very easy in performance point but it doesnot allow customization, which is making me to think whether to go for performance point. Can some help me in clarifying the below queries

    1. In my reqt, I have to display the details of the analytic report. for ex: Im displaying the headcount for an LOB in an analytic bar chart and can drill down to sub LOBs, dept, division and so on which gives me the headcount. Is it possible to display a grid that gives the Employee name/Dept/Division/Manager/.. for the selected LOB/Dept in the drilldown either on button click or when the report type is Grid.
    2. Also in an anlaytic grid chart can we create any linked column as in SSRS?
    3. Is it possible to define the X& Y axis labels in analytic chart
    4. Can we create KPIs that are linked, say for ex: on selecting a KPI, I want to display a set of KPIs in other scorecard. I don't want to use display condition since its changing the visibility which requires many scorecards to be created.
    5. Can we trigger the the drill down in analytic chart on button click?

    Wednesday, June 17, 2009 3:20 AM