IIS Worker Process - high CPU - site unresponsive (timeout)


  • Hi there,

    today out of nothing one IIS worker holding the "main" sitecollections took all CPU and memory he could get and nothing worked anymore.


    1 WFE

    16 (now 32GB)
    12 cores

    1 APP

    20 GB
    12 cores

    I first resetted the IIS server but soon after 15 minutes the problem came back. (First peak. Then 3 minutes down and up again)
    Then i shut down the server added 16GB RAM and booted back up. Now after approx 30 minutes of uptime it looks ok.

    But that does not mean it could come back. How can i really see what causes the IIS worker process to have such high CPU rates? (From which ip, which requests etc) I already looked into some performance troubleshooting articles. But i cannot divide the sitecollections to another web application.

    Thanks for your answers.

    Regards Stephan

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    Wednesday, April 12, 2017 3:25 PM


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