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  • Good Afternoon All - 

    While setting up a fairly new SCCM (2012 Sp1 CU1) environment, there were a few things that were not done correctly.  I recently started and am trying to get them figured out.  I have two site servers which I cannot remove from SCCM.  Below is their status as well as what I've tried...

    Site Server Issue #1

    Site Code L56 - The server was a secondary server but for whatever reason has been taken offline and no longer exists without performing an uninstall first.  It is listed in SCCM Sites as "Deleting"

    After research, I opened regedit, and browsed to HKML\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\Components\SMS_COMPONENT_MANAGER where i saw a key with the site server's name in it.  I changed the value "Deinstallation Start Time" to "1" in the key as well as sub keys (2 more values) using these instructions.  I restarted the SMS_COMPONENT service, and then loaded up the console, but it was still there.  Back in the registry, though, the key was completely gone.  

    I also tried to use preinst.exe.  When I run the string "preinst /delsite L56", I get "Cannot find site [L56] in the site control data in the database. Checking in ServerData in the database."  What gives?

    Site Server Issue #2

    There was a site server which was a secondary site - however - it wasn't working correctly and we were on a dead line so this past weekend i uninstalled it as a secondary site, verified / installed pre-reqs, then simply deployed a distribution point and management point role to it.  

    Now, I'm trying to turn it back into a secondary site which is installed properly.  I deleted the site roles which I could (seemingly successfully as the DP shares and services are gone from the server.) In the console, I go to delete the site server, itself, but get the error saying it cannot be deleted because it contains site system roles (and lists Component Manager.)  

    I thought to try preinst.exe for this one also, but it has the same Site Code as our Primary Site Server.  

    Both servers are running Windows Server 2012  & SQL 2012.

    Any Ideas?  Thanks!

    Ben K.

    Monday, June 24, 2013 9:14 PM

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