CLR Optimization Service (aka Microsoft .Net Framework NGEN) RRS feed

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    I am looking for more information on this service - specifically when is this installed? Are there any way's to configure this service? Are there any way to prevent this service from NGEN'ing specific assemblies? If not - are there any ways to hang on to previously ngened copies of assemblies etc across reboots.

    I know this is a fairly open ended set of questions, my apologies for this. Unfortunately I have been unable to locate any additional information on this service apart from the following links -



    Unfortunately neither of them are comprehensive / definitive. Is there any documentation on MSDN that describes the service in detail including options to disable it?

    We've been getting more and more complaints from our customers about worsening cold boot times ( > 1 minute now) and so far the only common culprit we have been able to pinpoint is the CLR optimization service. Before we run off and figure out ways to optimize our assemblies - i would like to know more about this strange beast.

    Any information provided will be greatly appreciated. Bonus karma points for MSDN links.

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    Tuesday, December 27, 2011 4:57 PM