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    I work for a company that is the parent company of many small to mid size businesses.  One of the tasks I own is the imaging process.  I've recently setup 4 WDS servers for PXE boot at our 4 largest geographic locations with DFS-R.  I'm using the MDT to build the reference image the contains only apps that all of our businesses need.  From there I have a deployment share and task sequences for each company.  Most of our companies are on Windows 10 Pro, except for one.  Two of my locations are easy, I have the default gateway set in the MDT database and it knows what OS (reference image) and apps to load.  I have two locations that use different hardware models and OSs.  For those I have the model set in the MDT database to automatically install the proper OS and apps for the one type of hardware.

    The problem I'm trying to solve is how to automate the process for all other hardware types at these two locations.  I can't go by default gateway because I need it to be model independent at these locations.  I also cannot use model because the other companies use the same models with their individual task sequences.  I tried to setup location and model but ended up with a hybrid of both task sequences combined.

    Is there a way to say X location and Y model gets Z image, all others at location X use the company specific image?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is my first time working with the MDT.  I've ready many really good posts and a book from Johan Arwidmark and done a good deal of Googling but those have been my only info sources thus far as I implement this.

    And before anyone suggests it, SCCM is not in my near future ;)



    Thursday, November 8, 2018 1:36 PM