Multiple Management/Distribution Points and Client Selection in a Highly Available Scenario RRS feed

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  • If I have multiple Management Points installed in a site, are clients assigned one randomly by the site server or is it the client that chooses one randomly according to what it can find in AD/DNS?  Is it absolutely random, without any consideration of hops/latency?

    Where there are 3 possible Management Points and one is powered off (maintenance/failure) will clients ignore the offline MP in their future considerations?  Will clients which are already encoded with the offline MP re-discover a working MP and when/how quickly does this happen?

    The same goes for having multiple Distribution Points which share a common boundary group - I understand that a list of possible DP's will be returned to the client by the MP, but how do offline DP's affect the client content downloading?


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    Wednesday, March 6, 2013 3:56 PM


  • First, DP and MP selection are completely different processes, both are done by the client though.

    For MPs, the selection process is random within a forest (because MPs are located using the global catalog) although HTTPS capable MPs are given priority if the client is also HTTPS capable. DNS is never used and neither are boundaries or AD sites or any other criteria.

    I'm not sure what the failover process is honestly for MPs and I don't think it's explicitly documented anywhere.

    For DPs, from memory, client will "fail-over" to alternate DP after 8 hours of unsuccessfully trying to contact the first DP chosen in a content location query.

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    Wednesday, March 6, 2013 5:29 PM