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    Something I've wanted to see in Windows for years, has been a "no to all" option when doing a file copy/move. For example, let's say you wish to copy some new music files you got to your home server. You can't remember all the new tunes you've downloaded because it's been a while since your last backup. (bear in mind this is just something I pulled out of the air....yes I know you can do a comparison backup :D )....So, you just go to the local folder, hit CTRL+A and then right click/drag everything to the home server's folder. When you let go you select "copy here" and will be prompted to overwrite or not......for each file......Typically the options are "yes, no or yes to all"......Yes, you delete the file in question to copy/replace it yet again. No, you cancel the transfer. Yes-to-all you allow the machine to delete every copy it sees and ...well...copy it up there again. The problem is that this wastes time when, if you simply had a No-to-all option, it would NOT replace duplicates, but rather simply move new files over.

    Also, I see that Vista has a New Folder button that crops up here and there. I applaud this as it's something I've wanted to see for years. HOWEVER.....where does it go? It's not always there!!! ARRGG....please can this simply be an option in the Windows Explorer bar at all times? :) And about that, whatever happened to the settings for Windows Explorer being accessable VIA Windows Explorer rather than Internet Explorer?!

    Thanks for any feedback!!

    Tim :)

    Thursday, July 2, 2009 10:18 PM

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  • Unless I'm misunderstanding you, "No to all" is in Windows Explorer copy dialog. Click the "Do this for the next n conflicts."checkbox.

    Windows 7's Explorer features a "New Folder" button full-time as well. As for you last comment, I must be fully misunderstanding you but "Folder options" can be accessed via "Organize\Folder and search options" or "Tools\Folder options".
    Thursday, July 2, 2009 11:26 PM