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  • Hello all,

    When working with Word 2007 I sometimes face the following issue. I want to copy formatting, by using Format Painter function. I select appropriate "source" paragraph, press Format painter (or Ctrl+Shift+C) then select "destination” paragraph and press Ctrl+Shift+V. Now what happens is that not all formats are applied to destination paragraph. What we see is that font becomes suddenly Calibri (set as default in Word, but not used neither in source nor in destination paragraphs). If to press Ctrl+Shift+V for second time - the font is finally applied from source. This looks like some tricky logic which I can't understand.

    I investigated a little bit and found (using Style inspector) that "source" paragraph is based on some badly created Style, where Font information just does not exist (nothing chosen in drop-down Font\Font-size menu). So at least I may assume that when applying format to destination Word tries to apply default font, because no other specified. If to select some font in Style settings beforehand - the problem, described before, is not reproducible... So now here is the main question:

    When we press Format Painter button - should current Text\Paragraph settings from “source” be applied? Or appropriate style settings, which "source" paragraph is based on, should be applied to "destination"?

    And what magic happens if to press Ctrl+Shift+V twice? Why it finally applies correct settings to "destination"?

    This is somehow related to this article - http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/word/thread/8ac8c7b1-6586-4248-b686-f8cb58dd55ba. But I can’t understand finally if this is a bug or this is “how system works”

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  • Hmm, I can’t really reproduce what you describe. But note that the results when using the Format Painter may depend on whether you select part of a paragraph, a whole paragraph, or leave the insertion point blinking (no selection). Also, if a selection contains conflicting formatting (for example different fonts), the Painter may not know which formatting to apply...

    Stefan Blom, Microsoft Word MVP
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