Split fixed length data file single column of text into multiple tables and columns having different lengths based on several characters in key field RRS feed

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  • Using Power BI M :

    How can I split fixed length text file into multiple tables and columns based on last 3 values in key column (0-15).  eg R01,R02, T2, A2.   The table / columns would be different for the R01 record, R02 record etc.... 

    I read some examples and all seem to have included a delimiter and I'm not sure what structures or what is best approach or suggestion in order to split a fixed length text file

    470610024422R01 SBBB00016040000000802000201507060000001580000000079000020150327                19188
    470610024422R02 SBBB00015440000000772000201308280000001410000000070500020081001                19188
    470610024422T2   000000000000020160401000000003788020061027000000001454020041028               19188
    470610024442A2  KCBAHAF43063P000040050     081220AOAB43063-0024-04S   UORS00            YG1ICNF19188


    Tuesday, October 1, 2019 4:16 PM