How do I "unlock drive where windows is installed"?


  • I have a Gateway SX2370-UR13 with windows 8.0 installed, it has been nothing but problem after problem, from the first day I got it. I tried the "free" upgrade to windows 8.1 & that made things worse. I had to roll back to 8.0. Things have gotten so bad that now the System restore, Refresh, & Reset options fail to function,(along with the Task manager, Control Panel, Advanced startup options & nearly everything else), giving me a message about needing to unlock the drive. This happens with the USB recovery media , the repair disk(CD?DVD) , & the Automatic repair.

     How do I fix this ?

    I'm ready to go back to the beginning factory settings but cannot find a workable fix.  How do I even format the entire drive? So I can try the recovery media again for a "clean install?"

    Saturday, March 25, 2017 9:10 PM

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