__$seqval value repeat


  • Hi,

    useraccts table is a cdc table. This table has PK column which is an int identity (1,1).

    select * from [cdc].[dbo_useraccts_CT] r with (nolock)

    1 = delete
    2 = insert
    4 = update

    __$start_lsn                        __$end_lsn __$seqval                           __$operation __$update_mask PK          UserName AccountNum
    0x00072F7D0000CE39001A NULL           0x00072F7D0000CE390003 2                  0x01FF                2632373 Abc@sxxx 100
    0x00072F7D0000CE39001A NULL           0x00072F7D0000CE390003 1                  0x01FF                2632373 Cde@sssc 100

    I think the value in dbo_useraccts_CT table was not correctly generated by CDC engine.

    1. Both rows have the same __$seqval value. I can't tell which row runs first.

    2. No idea why the useraccts table still have data where PK=2632372.

    Could it be bugs from CDC? What should do with this?



    Thursday, October 10, 2013 9:31 AM