ProClarity SDK - Kcommand.MoveDimension method RRS feed

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  • Can someone provide me with example code of how to use this method?  Basically, I want a current add-in of ours to move a dimension.hierarchy from the background to the rows (or columns) and then I want to execute the change and pull the results into the VB6 program.  For those that wonder why I need to do this, here's why.  The users want to see a single page with the one member in the slice; this makes it possible for them to accept the results because it is clear to them.  The slicer will have anywhere from 10 to 500 members in it and if these are in their view as a group it makes it difficult to authorize.  After authorizing the results, we are currently looping through the slice in our add-in and extracting the data for use in another application.  Unfortunately, looping through the slice up to 500 times takes much too long.  So, I'd like to retain the slice for the 'approval' process and then automatically move the dimension to the rows/columns and execute a new query against the cube and extract the results from a single result set.  I am anticipating that the single query against the cube returning all of the results will be faster than the current method which is returning one result set for each slice.

    Thanks for any help in advance.


    Friday, July 15, 2011 2:54 PM