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  • Good day. I have bought a new pc(Intel Core Quad 6600,Asus P5K,Nvidia 8800GTX,4gb ram and 300gb hard drive). I have installed XP and then dual booted with Vista. At random times when I boot the pc for the first time that day the pc boots up really slowy(20-30 minutes!!!). This happens at random times but always once for that day. Restarting wont fix the problem. Two options work. Either I let it boot, or I restart it a couple of times(which takes more than letting it boot by itself) and the problem is gone. Further boots work normally. What is really frustrating is that after it manages to boot it can work for days(Third time it happened it took it 11 days for the problem to reappear).Also after the boot there are no visible problems!. When the problem appears it affects both operation systems.When one cannot boot, the other cant boot also. Once one succesfully boots so does the other. I have tried basic troubleshooting with no result. The pc shows no symptoms before the problem or after it. Also it never happens after re-booting or restarting the pc while it is in use. It always happpens after I have shutted-down the pc the previous day and I boot it for the first time that day. I have been a pc user for more than 12 yrs and I never have seen any problem like this. Can you please help me? While it does not render the pc useless,it is really frustrating. Thank you for your answer.
    Saturday, October 6, 2007 9:48 AM