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    I have just started using Power Query and can see this will be an amazing tool to add to my tool set. However I am rather slow on the uptake and am having trouble with some of the basics of using Power Query

    I have successful created some queries and by following along on some articles at i have created a usable function or two

    The issue i have and can see this being something i will do a lot in the near future (especially while still learning), is that I need to go back to the query and function and edit it. In particular i need to either rename some columns to make them compatible with other data sources, or delete them.

    I can see that i can manually edit the query / function in the advanced editor, but i was wondering if it is possible to open the report up again and edit the columns in the same manner as when creating them in the first place?

    Thanks in advance for any help given.

    I am using Excel 2010, although do have access to Excel 2013 if needed, but as i am using PowerPivot in 2010 i would prefer to use PQ in 2010 also.


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  • OK - What had completely stumped me, and i had to set it aside to do other things, has just been solved!

    To explain - obviously editing Queries is simple - right click the query and edit... and then make the changes you want.

    For functions - the thing i was really struggling with is also fairly simple, but takes a few more steps.

    1 - copy the query from the advanced editor

    2 - create a new blank query from Get External Data on the Home Tab / From Other Sources / Blank Query

    3 - Past your function in and remove the function statement(s) and reinstate and file path information

    4 - Edit the columns etc as you want.

    5 - when completed paste the relevent sections back into the original function.


    Hope this helps any others out there that were struggling with something so simple... 

    Moral of this - copy and save all your queries and functions in a text editor such as notepad++ so you can cut out a lot of the steps above...

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