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  • I have installed SCCM 2012 on a single Windows 2012 Std Server.  

    The installer was smooth after I complied with all the pre-reqs.   Initially I had it configured with full https communication, but the mpcontrol.log file kept showing the following error:

    Call to HttpSendRequestSync failed for port 443 with status code 404, text: Not Found  $$<SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER><06-28-2013 18:25:59.768+300><thread=4628 (0x1214)>

    All my certificates were in order, but I turned https off anyway, just to be sure.  So now I have this error:

    Call to HttpSendRequestSync failed for port 80 with status code 404, text: Not Found  $$<SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER><06-28-2013 23:46:11.978+300><thread=6408 (0x1908)>

    Same thing all over again.

    Funny thing is that the error is not showing on any of the IIS logs. All requests shown on the IIS server logs are 200 like this one:

    2013-06-29 04:48:29 fe80::491d:1f49:e084:e13b%14 CCM_POST /ccm_system/request - 80 - fe80::491d:1f49:e084:e13b%14 ccmhttp - 200 0 0 310

    I have removed and installed the MP, the install logs are clean but I get the same message on the mpcontrol.log,  all other services are ok, and the IIS log is clear too. 

    I would like to have a more clear log for the mpcontrol.log, but I don't know how to increase the verbosity for this.

    I would appreciate if someone has any idea at all about how to get rid of this error and move on with my SCCM installation.


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