Getting "The following organization rejected your message: ESMTP" when send to certain domain. RRS feed

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  • Hi, We having trouble sending email to a certain domains, all sent emails will bounced back with "The following organization rejected your message: ESMTP" and the Generating server is our exchange server.  I haven contacted the other domain admin to add us on their whitelist, but they told me that its actually our own server is blocking it before it even send out, so I'm wondering how do I solve this problem?

    Here is the bounce back message:

    Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:
    An error occurred while trying to deliver this message to the recipient's e-mail address. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please try resending this message, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator.

    The following organization rejected your message: ESMTP.

    Sent by Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 


    Diagnostic information for administrators:

    Generating server: Our Exchange Server Name
    ESMTP #554 Transaction Failed Spam Message not queued. ##

    Original message headers:

    Received: from Our Exchange Server Name ([::1]) by Our Exchange Server Name ([::1])
     with mapi; Wed, 23 Jan 2013 16:59:51 -0500
    From: IT
    Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 16:59:49 -0500
    Subject: Hi, This is test email
    Thread-Topic: Hi, This is test email
    Thread-Index: Ac35qv9CwM87iFBfRdWGQk3k0+s0XwACeXkQ
    Message-ID: <8C23BA231DD68640921219E87187651004778D429A15@SCCCExchange.SCCC.ORG>
    Accept-Language: en-US
    Content-Language: en-US
    acceptlanguage: en-US
    Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    P.S. I have used MXToolBox to check if our IP is in blacklist, checked RTP too, everything is fine.

    Wednesday, January 23, 2013 11:00 PM

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  • Can you up the logging on the send cinnector to verbise & see what the logs say? Do you have any cisco type firewall or any other firewall in front if exch whch has  ESMTP enabled?, if yes, disable it & test.

    Can you send via telnet?


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    Wednesday, January 23, 2013 11:52 PM
  • Hi Sukh,

    Thanks for reply, Here is the send connector log:

    #Software: Microsoft Exchange Server
    #Log-type: SMTP Send Protocol Log
    #Date: 2013-01-24T04:21:05.688Z
    #Fields: date-time,connector-id,session-id,sequence-number,local-endpoint,remote-endpoint,event,data,context
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.688Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,0,,204.XX.X.XX:25,*,,attempting to connect
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.719Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,1,,204.XX.X.XX:25,+,,
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.906Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,2,,204.XX.X.XX:25,<,220 SMTP Proxy Server Ready,
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.906Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,3,,204.XX.X.XX:25,>,EHLO,
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.937Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,4,,204.XX.X.XX:25,<,250-ESMTP Server Ready,
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.937Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,5,,204.XX.X.XX:25,<,250-SIZE 26214400,
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.937Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,6,,204.XX.X.XX:25,<,250-DSN,
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.937Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,7,,204.XX.X.XX:25,<,250-STARTTLS,
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.937Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,8,,204.XX.X.XX:25,<,250 TLS,
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.937Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,9,,204.XX.X.XX:25,>,STARTTLS,
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.984Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,10,,204.XX.X.XX:25,<,220 Server ready Ready to start TLS,
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.984Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,11,,204.XX.X.XX:25,*,,Sending certificate
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.984Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,12,,204.XX.X.XX:25,*,", OU=Domain Control Validated,",Certificate subject
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.984Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,13,,204.XX.X.XX:25,*,"SERIALNUMBER=XXXXXX, CN=Go Daddy Secure Certification Authority, OU=, O="", Inc."", L=Scottsdale, S=Arizona, C=US",Certificate issuer name
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.984Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,14,,204.XX.X.XX:25,*,27E09D74B310CC,Certificate serial number
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.984Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,15,,204.XX.X.XX:25,*,4EACFXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,Certificate thumbprint
    2013-01-24T04:21:05.984Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,16,,204.XX.X.XX:25,*,;;;;;,Certificate alternate names
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.109Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,17,,204.XX.X.XX:25,*,,Received certificate
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.109Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,18,,204.XX.X.XX:25,*,DF9025D1XXXXXXXXXXXXX4,Certificate thumbprint
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.109Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,19,,204.XX.X.XX:25,>,EHLO,
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.156Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,20,,204.XX.X.XX:25,<,250-ESMTP Server Ready,
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.156Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,21,,204.XX.X.XX:25,<,250-SIZE 26214400,
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.156Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,22,,204.XX.X.XX:25,<,250 DSN,
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.156Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,23,,204.XX.X.XX:25,*,13795,sending message
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.156Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,24,,204.XX.X.XX:25,>,MAIL FROM:<> SIZE=4132,
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.187Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,25,,204.XX.X.XX:25,<,250 +OK Sender OK,
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.187Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,26,,204.XX.X.XX:25,>,RCPT TO:<>,
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.234Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,27,,204.XX.X.XX:25,<,250 +OK Recipient OK,
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.234Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,28,,204.XX.X.XX:25,>,DATA,
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.327Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,29,,204.XX.X.XX:25,<,"354 Start mail input, end with '<CR><LF>.<CR><LF>'  ",
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.624Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,30,,204.XX.X.XX:25,<,554 Transaction Failed Spam Message not queued.,
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.686Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,31,,204.XX.X.XX:25,>,QUIT,
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.733Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,32,,204.XX.X.XX:25,<,221 Service closing transmission channel closing connection,
    2013-01-24T04:21:06.733Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,33,,204.XX.X.XX:25,-,,Local

    So everything looks fine until it target the email as Spam, I thought it was the reception's domain blocking us, but then it shows our server name.  We are using just a normal router from Linksys (WRT160n) with port forwarding port 25 for SMTP, other than that we don't have any other firewall with ESMTP.  I'm not the one who configured the exchange server, it was a company we hired long time ago, so not sure where I should look.  I'm not sure how to use Telnet to test.

    Thursday, January 24, 2013 4:49 AM
  • 2013-01-24T04:21:06.624Z,Send Connector to Internet,08CFC4D94C46AD5F,30,,204.XX.X.XX:25,<,554 Transaction Failed Spam Message not queued.,

    It seems to indicate the  recipients system is rejecting your email not your Exch server. Your Exch server is just generating the NDR because the remote system is not allowing it to submit that message.

    The recipients's org may have you blacklisted or be subscribed to an RBL blacklist which has you listed. Ask them to whitelist you.

    If you want to do a telnet test - here


    Thursday, January 24, 2013 8:35 AM