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  • I'm at it again on creating Word templates for clients. And yet again I encounter strange bugs. I'd thought some of these would have been ironed out in the latest versions, but I'm not surprised really.

    Right now, I create a new table style and in the window where I set up the style, lots of strange things occur. For example, I select "Use formatting on: Entire table", I select my font, size and color. Already here I see that it's not applied at all. 

    No matter what font I choose, it's still Calibri that is actually applied. No matter what font size I select, it doesn't change. The only thing that seemingly works is Bold, Italic and Underline. 

    In the box where the actual applied settings are displayed, it actually does reflect the changes that I do. But when I save the table style and try to apply it to a table, the styles are just not there. 

    I have created table styles before, in Word 2010 and 2007 and did not encounter these problems. Isn't Word 365 desktop version based on Word 2010?

    Edit: So I just tried to create a new document, and all of a sudden, it's working properly. So I'll just need to copy everything from the other template I was working on into the new one.

    Edit2: I found the culprit after the same issue occured again. Seems as though if I alter the normal style, custom formatting on table styles are screwed. Or more accurately, it inherits directly from the normal style, even though I've specifically set custom formatting to the table. This means that I can't alter normal style at all? I'm actually stuck with Calibri??

    Thursday, August 15, 2013 10:08 AM

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