I will tell you I do have a lot of friends


  •  I will tell you I do have a lot of friends and our in metals medical scorer have gone to medical school I'm and they were still able to get the job that they wanted when they came out regardless the school that they end up at yes my friends and if it LUMANELLE Vanderbilt metal medical school or at Emory medical school which are fantastic programs other ones ended up at medical schools that yeah I just very small medical schools in small states and the they still had great time honestly if you get a chance to go take look at the three different schools I think you get a hunch like you'll feel something and I'm a huge fan above in a kind of go with your gut and one of them hopefully we'll film better than the other two and in my opinion when I started when infix my college share my picas my might my second job before starting nerd fitness am I made the decision based on what felt right and not miss to sell.

    Saturday, November 1, 2014 1:02 PM