Folder Redirection issue in server 2008 R2


  • We have a Terminal server running in win server 2008 R2 Standard. We successfully use Folder Redirection for Roaming folder, Contacts, Desktop, Documents, Favorites, Links, Music, Pictures, Saved Games, Searches, and Videos. For redirection we use the following path: \\domain.local\users\%USERNAME%\Redirected_Folder. Everything works as expected. When we redirect the Downloads folder we get the following error in Event viewer:

    Failed to apply policy and redirect folder "Downloads" to "\\domain.local\users\\Downloads".
    Redirection options=0x1021.
    The following error occurred: "Can not redirect parent into descendant".

    Error details: "The specified path is invalid.

    Of course the redirection does not work. The disk space in our RDS server is getting low as users save files locally on the RDS. What could be the problem? Any ideas are welcome.

    Monday, October 05, 2015 8:24 AM


  • > The following error occurred: "Can not redirect parent into descendant".
    Sounds like you have "something" within the Downloads folder which is
    already redirected - although I'm unaware of what exactly this could be.
    Weird - never seen this error before.
    Or did you move the Downloads folder outside %userprofile% - possibly to
    "Documents" or somewhere else?
    To get a clear picture of the current situation, examine
    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell
    Folders. The Downloads folder is the GUID entry at the top, all others
    are almost self explaining. Are there any "overlaps" or something else
    that looks abnormal?

    Greetings/Grüße, Martin

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