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    Support Case 1343834339

    Running Win10 with latest hotfixes on a Lenovo desktop with the HDD
    swapped out for an SSD. I almost always disable Flash by running
    "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"  -extoff from a desktop

    I'm getting an Internet Explorer window locked open saying it's missing a
    file, and to call a tollfree helpline at 1-844-354-5841; and the window
    will not dismiss. This was when I went to SHOPRITE dot com, though I may
    have mis-typed the URL. [NOTE: I don't visit porno sites; and I have a
    number of news & other websites  in the Restricted zone to swat pop-ups &
    other garbage. I also run the latest version of Brave browser, which
    essentially does the same thing.].

    Since I keep Windows Defender open, and update and scan at least once per
    day, at that point I went to update and it said it could not connect.  At
    that point, I launched a quick scan anyway with yesterday's definitions
    and also checked the HOSTS file for any rogue entries (there were none). I
    then launched a full scan, and I went to another PC, downloaded MS Safety
    Scanner 1.0.3001.0, ran it and it came up clear (the full Windows Defender
    scan is still running.

    I have my old HDD installed in a disconnected USB
    drive case, so as a worst case scenario I can install it, patch it to
    everything, load any AV on it, then plug the SSD in for an offline scan.

    Please reply to me at  [Dan at Snip Dot Net] as for some reason I can't log into
    that account even with a password reset, and will not see e-mail replies.

    The last time I ran across malware on a compromised PC was this nasty was
    on a customer PC in 2005, and at your department's request I pulled the
    entire drive and FedEx'd it to Redmond. This time, I want to upload the
    entire disk image (~300 gB) for forensics examination before sterilizing
    the SSD drive; and I need a link.

    Malware makes this engineer Very, Very Angry… And I've been swatting virus'
    since the early 1980's back in the floppy disk days.

    Also, for some reason I cannot access my main MS account.

    Thank you,
    Dan Schwartz,
    Dan at Snip Dot Net


     (Note: I'm severely hearing impaired and prefer e-mail)

    Friday, June 17, 2016 7:05 PM

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