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  • I have 2 mailbox servers with exchange 2010 that are members of dag1

    MBX1 has db1,db2,db3 as  active databases and db4,db5,db6 as passive databases

    MBX2has db4,db5,db6 as  active databases and db1,db2,db3 as passive databases


    Question 1

    Regarding the following statement that was mentioned in the DPM calculator

    “Number of copies that will be protected in this site:  Specify the number of copies of a mail database that you want to protect in a DAG.  You can protect one or more mail databases with DPM.  The number of databases that you protect will depend upon several parameters.  Most often you will protect one copy of the database with DPM.  DPM 2010 provides node based protection for Exchange 2010, so the state of the protected database - Active or Passive is not important in choosing which database you will protect, it is important to ensure that there”

    Do they mean how many copy I need to take for each database in other words they mean I could backup each data base twice one from MBX1 and one from MBX2

    Question 2

    Regarding the topology mentioned above, is the inputs I typed meet my topology or not

    Exchange Mailbox Server Configuration


    Number of Mailbox Nodes in the DAG


    Total Number of Mailboxes in this installation


    Total Number of Databases on each node


    Number of copies of each database (1 Active + All Passive DBs)


    Number of copies that will be protected in this site


    Number of servers in Mailbox Server Role  that will be protected


    Number of Exchange DBs / LUN 



    Question 3

    If I want  to take backup from MBX1 not MBX2 ,and MBx1 went down for any reason, I must change the protection group to initiate the backup from MBX2 ,  the  dpm wouldn't take the backup from mbx2 as  I didn't take backup from MBX02 for the first time

    I think that taking backup from both server will need a lot of storage


    Friday, June 7, 2013 3:16 PM

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