Bug in commontasks.ps1 (WriteAdminNodeParameters function) RRS feed

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    I've struggled with FAST Config Wizard lately. Everytime I try to config, it was failed with this error: "An error occurred while writing ADMIN node configurations. The type is not a known type for the file system. Only "file" and "directory" can be specified.". I've shearched this error but I couldn't find any solution. Then I looked into installer scripts, and finally I've found a bug in commontasks.ps1 script file. In the WriteAdminNodeParameters function, there is a function calling like that:

    $unwanted = New-Item -path "$FASTSEARCH\etc\config_data\deployment\params.xml" -ItemType FILE -Value "<params><param name='username' value='$userNameToWrite' /><param name='installdir' value='$installLocation' /><param name='version' value='$versionNumber' /></params>"

    My server's region and language is set to "Turkish" and I came across this problem a lot of time in very different applications. The ItemType parameter is FILE. But when you lower the case of "FILE" word in Turkish, the lowered word will be "fıle" not "file" (I=>ı, İ=>i). So I simply changed the paramter value FILE to file and FAST config wizard finished successfully.


    Monday, March 5, 2012 11:31 AM