(Sorry, unsure where this SHOULD go, someone reccomended asking the TechNet forum..) My network adapter seems to crash or malfunction whenever a particular network appears... Can I prevent this? RRS feed

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  • Alright so I've had this computer for several years and I've had this problem intermittently during this time. I doubt it could be a virus as I have had to re-install my Operating System twice due to glitches/viruses but that hasn't helped this issue...
    There's an ad-hoc network that sometimes appears on the available network list, sometimes it doesn't happen for months but when it does it tends to occur for several days for a few hours at a time, during this time it will repeatedly appear disappear crashing my network (it loses internet access or disconnects from my home network inconsistently) ... It is NOT a trusted or preferred network. In fact, (presumably because it is ad-hoc) it doesn't even appear on the manageable wireless network list in tn the Network and Sharing Center.
    My wireless network adapter is a Atheros AR9285 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter. This ad-hoc network is the only one I know of in the area that uses the b type instead of g or n, so I thought maybe it could be a glitch it the adapters software or a hardware failure. I have also thought that the network may maliciously try to "share" my connection but that doesn't explain why it causes my adapter to fail...
    Could someone please help/advise me please? It's been driving me insane for years...
    Thanks in advanced,
    Marcos Cosmos
    Friday, April 8, 2011 10:22 AM