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  • Iv'e been trying to figure out when I'm going to do some more reasearch on my website  , it's been inactive for over a year, .I have hopes for my local community to make bussiness cards to lead them to my online paper. It's a  dream I have a small one to keep me excited .I have time to do this and want to invest in stocks given the oppurtinity . I am amother of a daughter that is in the Navy and my son is in school for art . I want to do research and also have a group on yahoo for research purposes only and have a Amazon Store . Also some other things  I do besides clean my house . I'm notsure if this is good but that is the way I feel right now.  I thought I joined the forum today and was lucky to have found it . I don't know of the future but I think I'll I'm excited to  try given the opurtinity the only thing   going for me is small things on the internet however I like other things as well. Theres some ideals I have and some thoughts on some things they myswell be left to figure out later. And i havent searched around to see what people was talking about so I kinda did a fly by . I want to design webpages for about blank and make a url from it . 
    Sunday, May 26, 2013 7:12 PM