PAS 6.3 web analytics server filters not working RRS feed

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  • Our PAS 6.3 web analytics ceased working last week with a strange message indicating either non-existent database or lack of permissions. There was no evidence of either being the case. In the end, we reinstalled PAS 6.3 but this resulted in an error in installation. The files in c:\wwwroot\inetpub\PAS were replaced from a backup, and the web reporting tool seemed to be working again.

    However, we discovered that the filtering in our web reports do not function at all, and all data is returned regardless of the criteria which is selected. Our filters take the form of list or combo boxes. Drilldowns work fine.

    Since this is a legacy application we are managing, we do not have the knowledge to handle this. We are wondering if there are some customization which might have been done in the past to enable filters to work?

    I already tried replacing the web files in c:\wwwroot\inetpub\pas\ and c:\wwwroot\inetpub\pas\en\src\, but this only made things worse and I ended up with "The specified file can not be found" with the error occurring in some Impersonate User script.

    I have to add that our development server runs fine and it is running PAS v6.1, so we do not think it is a version-related issue.

    Tuesday, August 2, 2011 3:31 PM