Project Online EventHandlers on TimesheetUpdated not fired. RRS feed

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  • I got the following scenario:

    • An Office 365 sharepoint PWA site.
    • A WCF instance deployed on a IIS server at a Server A with a service that inherids TimesheetEventReceiver and implements methods OnUpdatedRemote and OnUpdated.

    • I registered the EventHandler in the PWA web page for the event correctly (I see it as listed in the /_api/ProjectServer/EventHandlers). Also the Event which its linked to is the desired one (_api/ProjectServer/EventHandlers('guid')/Event shows the (int)PSEventID.TimesheetUpdated event).
    • I tried the service from a console program that consumes it and checking that the WCF Service writes logs (just as proof of concept). Also the WCF application pool its set with a local administrator user so it doesn't matter who calls it.

    The problem is that no matter how much timesheets I modify in the PWA I receive no calls to the web service.
    Am I missing some Project Online configuration? Which one?
    Where are the Project Online logs? I see no error during those operations.

    Any suggestion/solution is welcomed.

    Wednesday, October 11, 2017 10:30 AM