Vista HELP question concerning 1) icons 2) Open with sub-menu have pics to clarify prob RRS feed

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  • My problems are circled in RED in the picture
    1) How do I get rid of the 666Satan file from the recommend program list for the "OPEN WITH" sub-menu? It's quite annoying their must be a fix but i cant find it
    2) How do I change the Icons for lets say for example the left RED circled file which is a .MP4 file?
    You guys are my last avenue of help before i swith over to linux or ubuntu

    btw my rig is a
    Dual Cpu 2 x AMD 2222SE on a Supermicro H8DA3-2
    Dual 8800 ultras maybe or if they offer a 8*** series version of 7950 GX2
    Friday, July 20, 2007 4:20 AM

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  • Don't tripple post please, nobody needs that!

    Why don't you just select another program where you want to open the file with ?
    If you want to change the icon then you have to select a program in the open with .. and say that you always want to open that specific file with that specific program. Then  the icon will change.
    Saturday, July 21, 2007 9:23 PM
  • I have tried the ordinary routes. Im not Vista ileterate

    This is what I have done already and its the same thing what you are suggesting. i choose a zip/rar/cbr file, right click to open the sub-menu. Them I choose the "Open with" selection. then a new smaller window pops up and shows you a 2 list of applications that are labeled under the "Recommended  Programs"  and " Other Programs". When you scroll through both list CDisplay the application is not in either list. You last option would be to browse for it on you hard drives. I did and found cdisplay.exe. I selected it and nothing happens it was not added onto the list like how other programs usually do.

    So my only chance is to ask you guys for a regedit solution or any other solution I dont about since I am a MCDSE for w2k so Vista is so new to me

    Please help me my fellow computer comrades

    Shot at 2007-07-21
    Saturday, July 21, 2007 10:33 PM