Error while running Test-SpContentDatabase. How to resolve? RRS feed

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  • PS C:\> Test-SPContentDatabase -Name WSS_Content_2222 -Webapplication

    Category        : SiteOrphan

    Error           : True

    UpgradeBlocking : False

    Message        : Database [WSS_Content_2222] contains a site (Id = [3eafefc7-e4db-49c1-8ed5-44ab0a9b4596], Url = [/])

                      whose id is already associated with a different database (Id = [4ec4f279-791c-4e04-9f78-a57b2564ed67]

                      , name = [WSS_Content_2222]) in the site map. Consider deleting one of these sites which have conflicting Ids.

    Remedy          : The orphaned sites could cause upgrade failures. Try detach and reattach the database which contains the orphaned sites. Restart upgrade if necessary

    Tuesday, August 13, 2013 7:03 AM

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