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  • I know from experience that the Excel connection mechanisms are somewhat limited.  I was wondering if anyone has come across a solution to this problem.


    We receive an excel file from a business line.  Basically a list of account mods for a given month.  Due to the tabular nature of Excel, sometimes the amount of mods exceeds the limits of one tab and has to roll over into a second tab.  The names of the tabs reflect the file creation date, which often is the last day of the month, but not always.  Here is a question related to this-


    Is there a way to "query" a the list of tabs in an Excel file, so that I could store that record set in an SSIS variable, use it to loop through all the tabs?  If no, can you think of a way to somehow get the value of the tab name or names so that I can use it to dynamically set the OpenRowset value of the Excel Data Source?


    Thanks for your help, everyone!



    Thursday, May 8, 2008 3:34 PM

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