Poor Remote Desktop Connection quality


  • Hi

    I have created test VM to Azure and can log on to it as should but the connection quality of RDP is very poor.

    I have 50M internet connection speed that gives me 20-30M speeds with different speed test at donwload speed and 10M of upload speeds.

    Remote Desktop Connection app shows the connection status at the blue bar at middle top of screen and it shows 1/4 and tels that the quality of the connection is poor. Also, every action I take on the server takes seconds to show up. If I scroll down the server manager window, it scrolls down periodically after some seconds. I can not work with this kind of connection.

    Any help?? What could influence to RDP poor connection quality? What can I do in this situation?

    Thanks in advance for any help!!

    EDIT: I am using Win8.1. I also did update my VM to more cores and memory but it did not help.
    Monday, October 21, 2013 11:53 AM