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  • I really had to laugh when I encountered this old article in my MSDN archive. It was published around 2001 by the "Windows User Experience Team". I guess this team was disbanded shortly after.

    The Need for Improved Simplicity


    "Many users expect a computer to be as easy to use, and as predictable and reliable, as an appliance. They want a computer to work in a way that is familiar to them. Delivering simplicity does not mean just removing functions. It requires work. Even a simple interface can require a significant investment of code. However, the rewards and benefits are substantial, including reduced training and support costs and productive, loyal customers."

    Well, judging by all the complaints from experienced users, this one doesn't seem to fit at all.

    A nice example:

    "Windows provides standard font and color settings that users can set to match their preferences. Support for these preferences is important for user satisfaction and also ensures readability and accessibility for users who require high contrast to read the screen. "

    Does any recently released application from MS follow this rule? In fact, Windows doesn't quite provide this functionality any longer. I could go on and on with this, but I think that I made the point.

    It was very entertaining to read, and kind of sad that after over 10 years of being an OS for getting the work done, Windows turned into a fancy, buggy, slow, and with every new release a less useful system.


    Saturday, June 26, 2010 11:59 PM