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  • I tried to refresh a computer but it didn't have enough local storage and was erroring out when trying to capture the user data with an error saying the UNC path was blank. So I started the process again and manually selected to store the user capture on a file share. It was able to save the .mig data file there without any problems. The refresh completed but it never restored the data and I tried running ZTIUserData /restore but that didn't do anything. To make matters worse the resulting machine was unable to read the mig file but I was able to read it on my Windows 8 machine. I ended up using a mig recovery utility to extract the users folder so it can be restored back to the refreshed machine. I'm assuming ZTIUserData didn't work because for some reason it didn't know where to restore from? 

    What is the correct way to set this up in MDT so USMT data will be stored on a network share if there isn't enough space locally? 

    I put this in the CustomSettings.ini for the DeploymentShare under the Default section.

    ScanStateArgs=/v:5 /o /c

    LoadStateArgs=/v:5 /c /lac





    Saturday, August 24, 2013 8:25 PM

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  • In a refresh scenario there will always be space available for the USMT part since MDT is using hard links. The data is already on the drive. You might not have space to apply the new image, but the state capture won't run out of disk space (unless you only have a few MB left).

    If you want to store the data on the network (like the replace scenario), you need to set the UserDataLocation value to NETWORK. And btw the UserDataLocation:AUTO syntax is not correct, it should be UserDataLocation=AUTO

    / Johan

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    Saturday, August 24, 2013 9:55 PM