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  • I had a user install patches (using SCCM to push out patch jobs) and when he rebooted the machine would blue-screen as it was just about at the logon screen. All of the patches show that they were successfully installed but when it started blue-screening I pulled the drive and did a disk check and corrected some errors. Long story short I could not get the machine to boot or roll back the patches so I did a Windows Repair setup and then it ran into an error which stops the set-up from completing during the graphical part of the setup. When I check the error it failing because it can't reset the 'Administrator' account which doesn't exist because we re-name this account for security purposes. When the machine failed I rebooted it and forced it into Safe mode using F8 and booted right up to safe mode and didn't blue-screen which it would have done before the logon screen was present.

    What are my options with this issue?

    1) I can re-image the machine but it is a developers machine and it will take at least a few days to get this person up to speed

    2) The machine seems to be booting much further than before without blue-screening so it looks like the problem that started this may be fixed. If I can stop the set-up from continually running and failing in an endless loop then I am sure the machine will boot properly and I can get it working without a re-image. Is it possible to stop the set-up from running when it is in the graphical portion? I have checked for the set-up folders and they do not exist so I can't delete these to stop set-up. The boot menu is now the standard Windows boot menu so I can't make any changes here. I have tried running set-up and then cancelling it which is supposed to stop it but this didn't work. I did this when setup was copying files to the local drive and it kept returning to the graphical part of set-up where it fails.

    3) Is it possible to rename the Administrator account back to the Windows default when I can't boot the image? Can I mount it using Imagex and then modify it this way? If I can re-name the local Administrator account back to the default then I can just let setup continue and do its thing and complete.

    Thanks for any help with this issue.

    Thursday, May 3, 2012 3:35 AM

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  • I gave up on this issue, I could not find any information about killing the Windows setup once it was in the graphical portion. Because of the issues this repair can have on the operation of the machine I decided to rebuild the machine with Windows 7 and be done with it. Sorry I could not help anyone with a solution to this problem but in this situation a rebuild is the best solution. If you have an AE agreement you can try DaRT and see if it can repair the issue but I didn't have the time to configure it to work with this model of machine.
    Thursday, May 3, 2012 9:02 PM