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  • Hi...Windows 7 just started acting funny after installing a power supply. I know right....I figured maybe one of the daisy linked power cords for HD could be the problem(light on hd was on but diff from before...not as bright sometimes...seen this before...bad connection). Reason for this assumption was when I turned unit on....ran fine for about 26 hours, then friend came over and he just bought a external HD that powered with a usb cable...he wanted to try it out on my unit to make sure it would work with what he wanted to do...so basically I was showing him how to do it. So everything goes fine and went through the things he needed to know(basic stuff)Changed screen to TV(I have 2 cpus hooked to tv...1 is media and other is for work/fun ect.) so when I switched back to cpu...so I could safely remove external hd....the screen said(in old dos context) reboot with media device....hit enter cause I thought the cpu rebooted and said the same thing...so next I shut down and restarted....it said the same thing...so at this point I thought I lost my os...like I had no hard drive. I opened unit up and chked cables...re seated them...thinking maybe the connection..now it comes up with normal mode or repair(repair was recommended) so when it was repairing I saw it was deleting somethings as it repaired and I mean it deleted like 50-100 things and I was getting nervous cause I haven't backed unit up for sometime(1 year) went through that and restarted and it wanted to repair again... it went through but still same prob. So that's when I thought maybe it was a connection prob since I notice the hd was even sounding funny...most wouldn't notice it but I use to work on compuers(set up many school districts and offices for about 15 years then got out of it in 2006....I don't consider myself an expert by far) So I connected hd to the first female jack coming out of PS and ran a lot better...started up fine after it repaired again at start up. Now the problems begin....

    1st problem...I ran the windows troubleshooter tool ... it says it fixed somethings but didn't fix the missing files or corrupt ones.......I can't even restore to a point...it took those as well

     2nd prob I got solved......windows won't update....cant remember all it said....but I did get that fixed by stopping WUAUSERV then putting the old software distribution and re starting WUAUSERV...so that's good....updating like it's suppose too.

     3rd prob.......This is crazy....everytime I click something a window pops then disappears...does it on everything...sometimes it's like 1-3 pop ups on one click...real fast they pop and go away ....the pop up windows say "windows is preparing to install" it's weird that it does it on everything I click on and in Internet explorer when I click on the tab next to the site tab that your on(new tab) it opens to a blank page....it usually opens to my homepage like when I first open IE........

    4th prob...........which I think this one im going to have to figure out myself....I have a "High Definition Audio Controller" that keeps trying to install drivers to everytime I start cpu....no new devices...so im puzzled unless that has to do with the missing files in 1st prob I'm having. Ive tried updating driver and of course it can't update do to the fact it doesn't know what it is...ive uninstalled it and of course it comes back but can not update it......just going to have to start unplugging devices till I find it...I know its location "PCI bus 3, device 0, function 1" but I have no clue where that's at...so like I said trial and error I guess

     I hope there is a program or a site or a way that I can get those file that deal with windows 7 back or that I can restore my files without losing my stuff...I would hate to back those things up and re-install windows 7....

     back in the day when I had my shop...I loved win98....you could chk each file to see if it was changed recently and fix it or go back to the previous file by picking the date you wanted to....it took sometime but at least you prevailed.....but that was only because I dealt with it on a daily basis....so I hope someone is out there that knows win7 and has some tricks up he/she sleeve.

    Thank You for your time and any help is appreciated



    Sunday, January 19, 2014 12:49 PM

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  • What is your computer make and model? If not a branded computer what is your motherboard make and model?

    Hope this helps, Gerry

    Sunday, January 19, 2014 2:31 PM
  • Hi.....Motherboard: ASUSTek Computers INC.

             Model: M5A99FX-PRO R2.0

    Thx John

    Sunday, January 19, 2014 4:38 PM
  • Ok....Got "Problem 2 and 4" solved....still trying to figure out this pop up everytime I click something...it's crazy how fast the pop up blinks...maybe once or 3 blinks then nothing till you close the window, then pop up then disappears...then click something else and pop up then gone....never seen this before...ive seen it when you tried to get online which turned out to be a virus on a customers cpu I worked on some years ago, I think it has something to do with the deleted files that I spoke of on last post...I notice it does it on start up as well.....think something is trying to install but not sure. Need to figure out where the appdata or start up folder and see whats in there....maybe it's in there.......so I might wait to see how it acts in the next couple days for "Problem 1"...but other than that it's running like a champ...so right now I just want to get the pop up windows to stop........thx again for everyone's help on this.


    Sunday, January 19, 2014 4:51 PM