Global load balancer in Win7-only Multisite DA?


  • Hi,

    We only have Windows 7 clients and are looking for a site-resilient DA solution.  We have decided to use a 2012 Multisite deployment of DA with two geographically separate clusters (entry points) because the scale is beyond a single-server.  The nodes in each will be external load balanced.  In the event of site failover, the Win7s will be moved from the group to which the primary entry point settings are deployed, to the group to which the secondary entry point settings are deployed.  The clients will launch a contingency VPN to receive this GPO "swing".

    The external load balancer device in each site can also serve as a global load balancer.  Is there any benefit of using a global load balancer in this scenario?  We have a longer-term vision to extend this to a number of other global sites.  If by this stage, we upgrade to Win8+, a global load balancer will allow automatic failover with greater flexibility than a non-global load balanced Multisite solution (eg assignment to EntryPoint by load rather than latency).  Am I right to say that in a Multisite scenario, the Win7s will only be aware of a single-site, so do not benefit from Multisite, whether global load balanced or not?  The only real benefit of using Multisite is the future-proofing, and the fact the entire solution can be managed\monitored under a single interface.  Is there anything I'm missing?

    Many thanks.


    Thursday, March 13, 2014 11:34 AM