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  • Hello,

    At my workplace we have a SQL Server 2016 instance on a VM. I can connect to that server and run R though my R IDE (visual studio) on the server and set my compute context to the server no problem. When I work from the local client though the compute context will not set to the sql server. It just outputs the error: file.exists(defaultDataDir) is NOT TRUE

    I've been diagnosing the error for weeks now. Asking questions everywhere. Nobody has seen this error it appears and nobody has any insight into it either.

    This leads to my question:

    At home, can I set up the SQL Server 2016 on a pc w/ R services installed, then setup visual studio rtvs and R Client on a separate pc (laptop), then use my laptop to communicate back and forth with R services in a way that is very similar to my workplace?

    I just wanted to ask before i started this long endeavor. The purpose would be to see if everything worked appropriately at home and if it does then assume the problem is not me or my code at work and that its more or less something i don't have control of behind the scenes.

    Thursday, February 16, 2017 7:45 PM