Automatic restart after updating… Really?


  • Dear Microsoft,

    WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!?!?


    The more time I spend working on this OS, and the more I get to know it, it’s becoming more and more clear…. Windows 10 is probably one the worst OS ever made.

    I really curious to know who was the genius that came up with this bizarre “feature” of restarting Windows automatically? What the heck was he thinking?!?!?!?

    You probably haven’t realized yet that you are an OS – not just another app, and as such all other apps are “living” inside your OS, and therefore – when you are restarting "your" OS you also restarting all other open apps - my apps – which has nothing to do with you.

    You really can’t do that Microsoft, you cannot restart MY COMPUTER whenever you like, it is MY COMPUTER and it is MY APPS that are open and it is MY WORK in progress – therefore me and ONLY ME should decide the proper time for restart.

    I had a really complicated workflow drawing in progress, I had a number of open queries, a number of notepads with data to validate, open documents and more… it’s all gone now and I will have to put several hours trying to restore everything to its last state (which I obviously don’t really remember the exact state of every open file I had…)

    You could notify me that the OS needs to restart...

    You could popup some really annoying messages that will ask me to restart...

    You could explain how important it is for you (which btw I already know and understand)...

    You could prompt me to close everything and restart now...

    You could do many other thing to get me restart my computer...

    But you have taken the most bizarre decision to absolutely ignore me and restart my computer whenever you want.

    It is definitely not the only failure in this OS, but it is one the most stupid and destructive “feature” you ever designed,

    How do you think you can determine the correct time for restart? Well the obvious answer is – YOU CAN’T – you don’t know my state, you don’t know my plans, you don’t know many things – so simply don’t restart without my permission.

    The most frustrating part is that most of these restarts occurs when I’m not in front of the screen – I simply leave my desk to a few minutes and when I come back everything is gone.

    Bugs aside – how do you expect people to trust a system that can suddenly close and delete all my work?

    I really hope you will take some time to rethink about this bizarre “feature” and give back the control to you customers. 

    Tuesday, October 31, 2017 7:21 PM

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