Sharepoint 2013 - Cannot configure the Management Pack


  • Hi!

    I can't seem to make the task for configuring this MP work. I see in the logs on my Sharepoint-server that the account I use as Run as account logs on successfully, but despite this the task fails. Am I supposed to use the Run as accounts credentials for my Sharepoint environment when I run the task? I think the config of the Run As account on this MP is a bit difficult to configure. Especially the bit where you have to change the name, or use the name for the Run as account as specified in the config file. Anybody knows the reason for this?

    Also i have a Sharepoint-server in a workgroup in DMZ. How can I specify this in the config file? Do I need a separate run-as account for this server, as my Run as accoount is a domain user. I only get warnings that the credentials don't work, and that makes sense on the Workgroup server.

    Any help appreciated:)

    Best regards
    Rune Haugen

    Thursday, September 19, 2013 4:49 PM


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