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  • I have a schedule in MSP 2010 with about 2,000 activities (including summary tasks) which tracks a construction fit-up project. Essentially two sections...Procurement and Constuction.

    We have two subcontractors, call 'em E and C.

    C is the MEP contractor, responsible for a very large amount of piping, standard electrical, and low voltage, and fairly complex HVAC. Project covers 5 levels for two adjacent buildings, including basements.

    E is the Walls, Painting, Flooring, etc. contractor. They build partitions (core and shell is done and out of this scope), paint them, drop the ceiling, and install tile, flooring, ceiling tile, etc.

    I am not tracking labor at all, meaning I have two tasks that are 5 days long, one might include 40 labor hours, while a parallel task might include 400 labor hours (ten people for 5 days....)

    As the schedule is constucted, C and E are "intertwined." E pours a concrete floor, then C puts all the overhead services (water, electricity, HVAC, etc.) into the ceiling, then works simultaneously with E to install and populate the ceiling grid, then E finishes the ceiling grid and installs the flooring, doors, etc.

    As a practical matter, except for final ceiling tiles and cleaning, they finish each floor simultaneously. C then moves on to test and commission all the utilities, etc., but E is finished.

    I need to develop KPIs that show each contractor's performance separately. I'm struggling with it. I can show when they're done (versus baseline,) but I can't show how each contractor is affecting the finish date. If E pours concrete late, both teams are affected, and roughly equally. If C delays finishing in-ceiling service installation, C's finish is affected the same (roughly) as E. How do I identify the source of the delay and assign it to a contractor?

    Although I haven't yet, it's a straightforward task to assign each activity to a contractor. But, then, of course, even if I identify all the tasks delayed (either by late start or increased duration, or both...) I must know if the task was (or is) on the critical path to know if the delay had any effect on the finish date for either contractor.

    I suspect I'm thinking wrongly. Anyone care to correct my thoughts?



    Thursday, June 14, 2012 10:37 AM


  • You're right! For that level of reporting you need to split tasks into steps and assign contrctors so you can record real progress. Then you will know which tasks are critical and who has delayed who.

    I think you will need to resave a particular baseline every week to see delays, improvements on a weekly basis.

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