Windows Seven RTM, Multiple Monitor Detection With only 1 monitor RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    i'm running Windows Seven Professionnal from my msdnaa account, and i have an annoying issue.

    every start i start my computer everything is ok, bug after windows seven welcome message, when windows launch a screen detection runtime (i think), it detect me multiple monitor randomly (sometime 1, sometime 2 or 3). I have only 1 monitor, a samsung syncmaster 2233Rz.

    The issue is more annoying that it look, sometimes windows make an extended desktop with the "virtual" monitor (mouse can go out of my screen), but sometimes windows display only on the virtual monitor, and turn off my real one. (i hear sound so i know windows is not crashed).

    If i unplug/replug my monitor, sometimes it relaunch detection and the display go back. But most part of the time i need to reboot, and hope this will work.

    I think first at a driver issue, i triyed different one and nothing was better. 

    I triyed the RC before and it did the same issue. I was hoping where better in RTM :(

    maybe there is a way to turn off automatic display detection ? i try removing flag of TMM in registry, desactivate Nvidia interfaces services, but nothing change.

    My configuration :
    Phenom X4 955
    Motherboard gigabyte MA770T
    Geforce GTX275

    ps : sorry for english, not my native language.
    Monitor samsung synchmaster 2233 RZ
    Wednesday, September 2, 2009 9:45 AM

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