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  • For windows 7 professional what can be checked besides sfc /scannow to work up software problems with the right lower hand corner clock time?

    This notebook computer is new and was placed into use on 9/20/2015.  It has had problems with keeping time.  With windows 7 professional when the computer is in use or idle but not yet hybernating or in sleep the right lower hand corner clock would display inaccurate time.  The time was checked by using the web site www.time.is which displays the amount of time behind or ahead.  The notebook after an updated time with time.windows or nist.gov or nw.nist.gov o a-nist.gov or b-nist.gov would display exact time.  Then as the notebook was used the time would increase in the delay to a little over one minute and then somehow reset to approximately 0.6 seconds delay and then progressively delay again and again. 

    HP offered to replace the CMOS RTC battery and the motherboard.  I had them just replace the CMOS RTC battery.  The notebook had no change after the replaced battery.  The date has never been incorrect.  The time has always progressively delayed and then reset to a smaller delay with windows 7 professional.

    When the replacement battery did not alter the behavior of the clock time delay HP had me check another operating system.  They had me use a utility on an external flash drive that formated it and installed the utility.  Then they had me download and install Ubuntu.  Then the notebook was turned off and when restarted the computer was booted from the external flash drive.  With a 12 hour check the right lower hand clock time was never delayed.  With Ubuntu the clock time was frequently ahead and almost always less than 10 seconds ahead.

    HP then offered to replace the motherboard and the Intel chip.  With the CMOS RTC battery replacement followed by the motherboard and Intel chip replacements there is still time delay.  This time though it is progressive without a maximum delay and has not yet reset.  The time delay at this moment is 3 minutes and 55.5 seconds.

    Using the software speedfan the temperature of parts or the motherboard/chip/graphics card are displayed.  Prior to the hardware replacement several of the temperatures (ACPI) were displaying 85 degrees C or 185 degrees F.  One of the speedfan sensors now displays 127 degrees C or 261 degrees F.  This seems impossible as it would likely melt the metals and or plastics of the notebook.

    Everyone is puzzled as to what is the root cause of the progressive time delay after multiple component hardware replacements.

    What can be done further to evaluate windows 7 professional for any flaw or corruption when sfc / scannow displays that it did not find any integrity violations?

    What can be done further to evaluate any hardware or hardware/software interactions that may find the source of the incorrect time?

    Friday, January 1, 2016 9:18 PM

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  • Hi ,

    Thank you for your question.

    By this issue, we suggest you contact the vendor of PC to flush BIOS to check if the issue persist. As I am concerned, it is out of support of Windows system.

    Best Regard,

    Jim Xu

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    Jim Xu
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    Monday, January 4, 2016 8:36 AM
  • What is a BIOS flush?  Is that where the operating system and bios are totally removed and nothing is left but hardware?  Then everything needs to be reinstalled?  If that is correct then HP was considering that until the results of the external flash drive reboot result with Ubuntu.  After that they decided to replace the motherboard and Intel chip.

    This is the maintenance and service guide:  http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?sp4ts.oid=6978821&docId=emr_na-c04775335&docLocale=en_US

    This has information on the BIOS:  http://h20566.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?sp4ts.oid=6978821&docId=emr_na-c04460979&docLocale=en_US

    In follow up to the earlier post I updated the bios and after the update the temperature returned to approximately 85 degrees C from 127 degrees C.  The bios had been reset or updated by the HP technician after replacing the motherboard and reattaching a replaced intel chip with the prior wafer  When I updated the bios it was with another reboot.  After this update the delayed time also improved.  It was over 5 minutes delayed prior to update and reboot. It returned to the prior delayed pattern of approximately 3 to 7 seconds delayed time rising to a little over a minute delayed time and then resetting on its own to approximately 3 to 7 seconds and then over and over again.

    The computer was configured/customized new via HP and placed into use on 9/20/2015.  The motherboard and Intel chip were replaced on 12/31/2015.  The CMOS RTC battery was replaced several weeks earlier.  Also HP had sent to me via email software to use on the computer to check the image.  They confirmed that they had installed the correct image on this computer.

    No malware has been found on this new computer using the pre-installed MSE.  Spybot has been used for immunization and malware scans and it found no malware.  And once a month Malwarebytes was used and it found no malware either.

    Does flushing the bios lead to a different image or the same image?  Are you thinking that the image is corrupt? And this somehow got corrupted without corrupting the windows 7 operating system?  If so how often does that happen?  Can the integrity of the bios be tested?  Or is the only way to see if it is the problem is to remove both the bios and the os and then reinstall each?

    Tuesday, January 5, 2016 6:55 AM
  • Hi,

    Did you mean time delay 3-7second at present?

    I am sorry that I am missing something which you have updated BIOS.

    For better solution, please give us a list what you have replaced and updated.

    In addition, if this OS belongs to OEM, please contact HP to get help. 

    Best Regard,

    Jim Xu

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    Jim Xu
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    Monday, January 11, 2016 2:18 AM
  • What is a bios flush?

    How is it restored/replaced?

    What part of incorrect time keeping would it fix?

    This is a brief summary of what has been done so far for the new notebook with incorrect time:

    1) CMOS/RTC battery replacement ----------> no change

    2) windows 7 professional 64 bit administrative command prompt sfc /scannow ----------> no integrity violations found

    3) booting to Ubuntu operating system instead of windows ----------> no delayed time but ahead time.  The progressive time delay on windows 7 professional was up to approximately 1.5 min before resetting.  The testing with Ubuntu was only done for approximately 12 hours and was progressively ahead.  The difference in time range with Ubuntu (always ahead) was substantially shorter than windows 7 professional (always behind) when observing the delayed time or ahead time on www.time.is

    4) the motherboard and intel quad core i7-4810MQ 2.80GHZ were replaced with the same CMOS/RTC battery that was previously replaced.  The bios was reset and the initial time was exact.  Then after reboot there was progressive time delay.  It was initially worse than it was before the hardware replacement with time delay to over 5 minutes.  Then with bios update the delay was as it was before the hardware replacement.  The delay was progressive up to over one minute.  It would reset the time on its own and then progressively rise to over one minute delay and then reset and progressively delay etc.

    5) booting to Ubuntu again after the motherboard and intel chip replacements and monitoring for approximately 36 hours on time.is displayed progressive time ahead.  The time ahead was less than 5 seconds with Ubuntu. Comparing the time delay to windows 7 professional the time delay typically rises to over one minute then resets to a lower delay and progressively delays again and again.

    windows 7 professional----------> time delayed

    ubuntu ----------> time ahead

    windows 7 professional 64 bit----------> always progressive time delay with reset and then progressive delay again

    ubuntu----------> always progressive time ahead without any reset

    Tuesday, January 19, 2016 4:37 PM