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  • Hi there,

    I have been reading many different posts on how to install Vista RC1 onto Nforce4 based RAID arrays and have not had any luck so far. The install would either sit at the initial blue-green glassy wallpaper screen and the hard disk activity light would come on and off for hours and do nothing or would eventually get to the partition/driver loading screen and find no drives even after loading various XP/Vista NVRaid drivers. I finally managed to install it from scratch by unplugging my PATA raid drives and disabling my SATA raid. The install went through perfectly with no problems. Vista booted fine and was working well. I ran the latest windows and driver updates, no problem. I shutdown the machine and decided to at least get my backup PATA mirror going again. I plugged the PATA drives back in and powered the machine back up. Vista started to boot but came to a blank screen and has done nothing for over an hour now except the hard disk activity LED is coming on a lot. Has anyone seen this problem? I've heard of issues with using SATA and PATA raid but i am only using PATA Raid at the moment. For such a popular gaming chipset i would have thought Microsoft and Nvidia would have this going properly, especially when you probably need the extra performance of a raid stripe to run vista! Things like this are a real shame as it looks like a good product from what i have seen. It just annoys me that Vista RAID installation is even worse than it currently is in XP, it took me a long time to get XP installed on my RAID due to stripe and cluster sizes and the drivers are a pain in the butt. I really hope MS and Nvidia sort this out soon.

    Thursday, September 21, 2006 12:48 AM

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  • Actually the RTM version of Vista already comes with support for nVidia nForce4 RAID, we just need the driver files (like those ones on a floppy disk we used with XP) to do a clean install. Those drivers come built-in with the RTM of Vista, so why they don't put them here to download. We all would be very greatfull!
    Monday, December 25, 2006 2:41 PM