Exchange 2013 eDiscovery failed search


  • Hi guys, Although this article was very handy today. Still I ran into a small issue.
    I needed to perform a eDiscovery search within Exchange infra for a MS word document starting with a number.
    The search didn't return any results despite the email with attachment was available in the user mailbox when searching on the messagesubject. The attachment started with something like "0.1 Production release.docx" This couldn't be found within the search query, like attachment:"0.1 Production release.docx". I was able to get a result after removing the text and leave the numbers in the query. It's there where I just performed the search only text based like attachment:"*Production release.docx" and got a hit. I also performed the search with attachment:"0.9*" i also got a hit. Can someone verify you get the same result as I do, as this looks like a bug to me or am I missing something.

    Thank you.

    Tuesday, February 21, 2017 4:39 PM