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  • I'm going to make this as clear as I possibly can.  I am trying to build 1 image for many computers.  This means I cannot include the drivers pre-installed in the image.  So far I have gotten my server to not only deploy images and capture images, but I'm also to the point where it is entering in the License key and going through the nitty gritty setup pieces automatically.  What I am having issues with is the Drivers.  So, my current setup for the the server is as follows:

    C:\RemoteInstall\Images\Test Image Group\Master3\$OEM$\$1\sysprep

    in this folder is my sysprep.inf which so far seems to be working except for the driver installation.  

    I guess I'm a little confused where to store the drivers for an image as well as how to tell sysprep to use those drivers. I've tried to put them in the $1 folder as well as the $OEM$ folder.  Then I resorted to storing them on the target computer thinking that sysprep may tell the computer to pull them from a local source.  

    On the target computer (Dell D620) :

    my sysprep folder is in c:\windows\system32\sysprep

    drivers are stored in C:\drivers\1


                                                 \3... etc

    In each folder (1,2,3, 4,5) there are inf's that came from Dell, I've extracted from their .exe.  My thoughts are if I can get this to work with the D620 then I can get it work with the rest of the different laptops we have here.  I've already had to find and inject specific drivers into the boot.wim for our E6400's to boot in the windows PE 2.0 environment. 

    My sysprep.inf file looks like this:as I said so far it works except for the drivers. 






        TargetPath = \Windows    




















        FullName="Default User"

















    Quick Summary.

    WDS is working and deploying images

    License key is auto loaded

    Target machine is receiving image

    Target machine reboots and auto logs in.

    Issue:Target machine does not have drivers installed like I had thought I had specified to do in the sysprep.inf

    Thanks for your help
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