Server 2019 Spinning Wheel RRS feed

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  • Morning, 

    This morning i have come in to find 3 of the 8 Windows Server 2019 servers sat with spinning white loading dots. 

    These are VMware virtual servers, and i am unable to reboot them using the power settings, the only option i have is to 'power off' essentially pull the power from them. 

    I can boot the server into safemode but cant find any errors, no recent windows updates have been installed, nothing jumps out as being wrong when trying to boot into the full OS. 

    I have restored the VM from previous backup and its doing the same thing, even though it was working fine at this backup point. 

    I cant find much information on this issue online, and the only one i have found reccomends either leaving it to see if it loads (one user reported a week before it came back), or rebuild the server (not an option). 

    Any help/ideas on this would be appreciated as i am going in circles (much like the server)


    Tuesday, September 1, 2020 9:39 AM