Mapped Network Drive suddenly causes Explorer.exe to stop responding... RRS feed

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  • I have a Vista 32bit machine I'm working on with a small home network consisting of 2 Laptops and a LaCie NAS Drive. Recently there was a power outage and the switch that was handling the DHCP was knocked out, so to allow the system to function I turned all address servicing over to a Qwest Modem/Router/Switch. Since doing this, the network subnet went from .1.1 to .0.1 so I had to give all network connected devices new addresses.

    The NAS drive was functioning just fine as a Mapped Network Drive and then suddenly, anytime I attempted to open it...it would lock up explorer.exe every time. I can see the drive by typing in it's IP Address in the run command, this gives full functionality of the drive as well. But, when I try to add it as a Mapped Network Drive it always locks the system. The other laptop works just fine mapped.

    I've tried a reboot, POPO, but nothing will curb this behavior.

    Just some more info on the setup, both laptops are setup to run both wired and wireless simultaneously.

    Appreciate any ideas! Thanks!

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010 9:10 PM