Where to place SYSVOL, NTDS.DIT and Adtive directory logs?


  • Hi!

    I need to install a new server 2008 R2 standart. It must be Domain controler of a single domain forest with 150 users.

    I have read that the SYSVOL, NTDS.DIT and Active directory logs files must be in differents partitions or disks.

    The problem is that my domain controller have just one RAID so have just `one` HD. I have to locate all OS, SYSVOL, NTDS.DIT and Adtive directory logs in the `same HD`.

    It's a small enviroment, dou you think that will I have any problem if I locate everithing in the `same HD` (RAID 1 with 2 HDs)

    Must I have 3 RAIDs one for SYSVOL one for NTDS.DIT and another for the logs files?

    Or its possible to place all of them in the same HD in diferents partitions?

    What is the recomended size for them?

    What about the boot partition?

    Do you know any microsoft official guide that can help me ?


    Wednesday, September 25, 2013 9:49 PM


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